My name is Cindy Travioli and I provide people the tools to manage their stress, reduce anxiety, and overcome depression to create happier, more fulfilling and joyful lives.  Following my proven system, you can have these things too.

I’m sure you’re thinking what could I do for you and why would you choose me to help you.  I want to share with you my story of how I created the amazing life that I have now.

I am a transformational stress management coach and I help people overcome depression and anxiety disorders.  I have been a legal secretary for almost 30 years.  But I felt like something was missing.  That there was something bigger out there for me.  I began to feel a desire burning inside me to do something more rewarding and fulfilling.  So I decided to find my passion and create a vision wherein I could help people find the happiness and joy for life that I was experiencing myself.  I created a successful, thriving coaching business and I now help others transform their lives and find their joy.

But I was not always the happy, positive person that I am today.  In fact, I didn’t have a very happy childhood.  I am an only child and, as such, grew up feeling very alone in life.  My parents divorced when I was 13 and my mom and I moved to a new city in the middle of my 7th grade school year.  My mother was an alcoholic and I felt unwanted by my dad.  I was very depressed as teenager, shy and quiet, with no self-confidence at all.  I suffered from depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts for over 20 years.  I kept everything hidden on the inside, so most people who knew me had no idea how dark my life was on the inside.

I got pregnant and afterwards got married when I was 22 years old.  After 16 years of marriage, we realized that we had grown apart and made the decision to divorce.  Our daughter, who struggled with the separation, chose to stay with her dad.  So I left my daughter, left my husband of 16 years and then six weeks later, I was laid off from the job I had been at for 4 ½ years.  My life was totally unrecognizable and I went into a downward tail spin.

Thanks to my legal secretarial skills, I was fortunate enough to find a good job after only two weeks of being unemployed, but after starting there, heard nothing but horror stories about how bad my new boss was.  I was literally asked by several of the people I was introduced to my first few days on the job if I had a Plan B.  The job market wasn’t great and I felt lucky to have found this job, so I felt I had no choice but to stick things out.

Things got worse when I got involved with the wrong guy.  I loaned him money that I never got back.  I even let him move in with me after only a few weeks of knowing him because he needed a place to stay.  That almost had a disastrous end because I attempted suicide after getting into a huge fight with him.  Fortunately, I was unsuccessful and am very happy to be here today, living a very satisfying and much different life than back then.

I got into therapy and was able to pull myself together and rebuild my self-esteem and my life.  I discovered the world of self-help, where I had a huge, transforming epiphany while reading a book by Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life.  I had just gone through a pretty tough breakup with a boyfriend that had put me into another depression and, I like to say, that book found me.  I came across the statement in there that “thoughts are just thoughts and thoughts can be changed.”  That statement had such a profound impact on me.  A light bulb went off inside my head as I read those words over and over again, thoughts are just thoughts and thoughts can be changed.  It was at that moment I realized that I am in control of my own thoughts.  From that point forward, I have never had another suicidal thought ever again.

Fast forward after almost 10 years of being divorced and having done a lot more work on myself, I reunited with my high school sweetheart from 30 years earlier and we jumped very quickly into marriage.  I had planned to move to Florida where he lived.  He told me I would no longer have to work as a legal secretary anymore because he made enough money that I could do whatever I wanted.  That was the first time in my life that I had ever really had given any thought to not spending the rest of my working life as a legal secretary.  However, after a year and a half of marriage and some pretty major struggles trying to make a long distance relationship work, we ended up divorcing, fortunately prior to me moving to Florida.  I then made the decision to go even deeper inside myself and discover what I really wanted in life and that is how I got to where I am today.  I am happier and more positive than ever before.  By using my personalized five step Lasting Happiness Formula, below, you can achieve the happy and joyful life that I now have:

  • Change your thoughts and reprogram your mind
  • Love yourself
  • Develop a daily morning ritual
  • Practice meditation and mindfulness
  • Express gratitude

Our lives are so busy and stressful these days, trying to balance work with family, grocery shopping, house cleaning, etc., so stress is inevitable.  We can never eliminate stress from our lives.  However, we can profoundly change the way we react to stress by learning simple, easy to follow techniques to allow us to take a step backwards and reevaluate the situation.  The less time we spend in a negative emotion, the happier our lives will be.